Monday, April 14, 2014

Meet Wally

On August 3, 2013, I was on my way to our vet clinic with the dogs.  We made what was supposed to be a quick stop at the local pharmacy to pick up a prescription.  While waiting in line at the drive-thru window, I kept hearing what sounded very much like a distressed cat or kitten.  I rolled down the windows, and the sound was more distinct.

Finally, I got out of my car and looked around.  That's when I saw him: a scared little gray kitten, looking at me from underneath the car in line behind me!  Before I could get him, he had run back up under the hood of the running car.  Panic set in!  I tried and tried to call him back out, but he wasn't having it.  A nice man next door saw what I was trying to do and came to help me.  The driver of the car (who was unconcerned about the poor kitty) finally turned it off and popped the hood when we asked him to, and the Good Samaritan was eventually able to pull the filthy, scared kitten out, upon which he handed him to me and walked away!

I had no choice but to take the poor little thing with me, although I just knew I'd be torn to shreds when I got into my car with the two dogs in the backseat.  To my surprise, the kitten wasn't the least bit concerned about the two large Boxers who were straining against their seat belts to reach him in the front seat and say hello.  He just curled up in my lap and rode along!

I still had to make it to the vet before they closed, so I called Brandon with a frantic plea to meet me at the door with the cat carrier as I quickly told him what had happened, and the little kitten was deposited there for the rest of the ride.  I called ahead and asked if they could squeeze in an exam for him to make sure he was OK to take home with me.  I also called as many people as I could think of to try to find him a home, to no avail.  It seemed we had a new member of the family!

Because I found him at our local Walgreen's, the kitten was soon dubbed WALLY.  Wally fit in with our little family right away.  Our sixteen year old cat, Beldar, was less than pleased to have him join us, but the dogs were fine, and Wally wasn't afraid of them at all.  Poor Beldar finally broke down a few days later and accepted him as well.  I was glad, because Wally cried and followed him around from day one.  Poor thing...I'm sure he missed his mom!
In the past eight months, Wally has become both a source of laughs and aggravation.  He's a funny cat, but more often than not he is somewhere he shouldn't be and/or doing something he shouldn't be doing.  He harasses poor Beldar and attacks anything that moves with his razor sharp claws.  I can't even make the bed without shutting him out of the room. When it's nap time, though, he turns into his alter ego, "Sweet Wally," and just wants to cuddle.  Most nights, he sleeps with his head on my pillow, right next to my face.  He even naps with the dogs sometimes.

I think we will keep him!


  1. Awwww!! What a wonderful story! Wally is a very lucky kitty to be rescued by you! Purr-fect name, too! <3

    1. Thanks, Janet! I didn't think I was quite ready for another cat after losing my sweet Sam, but we found each other at just the right time. :)