Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Fun & New Friends

This past Sunday afternoon, Brandon went out with Matt & Kayla on their boat.  It was odd just being the four of us, as we usually have six at  a time.  The other couple that was supposed to go had to cancel at the last minute though so it was just us.  We really missed them, but we had a great time going up and down the waterway.  I even got up the nerve to ride the knee board once.  It was so much fun!  Go me! 

We had some more friends meeting us at the boat ramp later in the evening, and since there were too many people for the boat, Brandon & I hung out in the parking lot and waited on them to come back.  The weather was absolutely perfect!  It's finally started to cool off a little around here, so being outside is actually bearable.  Bring on the fall!
After the boat was loaded up, we all headed back to our house.  Brandon fired up the grill and cooked hamburgers & hot dogs, and we all just enjoyed sitting around and talking.  Our semi-new friend, Brenda, had come down, along with one of her friends, Kelly.  We had never met Kelly before, although we had met her brother.  She is an absolute hoot.  Love them both and can't wait to visit with them again!!  We are really blessed to have such a huge "family" of friends!!

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  1. We went out on our friend's boat last sunday. :) It was a lot of fun and Chris got to go on the tube. When he got knocked off he flew 4 feet into the air. It was amazing! I just liked swimming and watching. And I managed to get only marginally sun burnt. ;P